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Close to 3 billion. No, that’s not the population of a country. According to a recent estimate, that will be the total number of users globally on social media. The popularity of this phenomenon called social media can aptly be summed up by just that statistic alone. Social media is everywhere – we keep in touch with our friends on Facebook, follow celebrities on Twitter, share photos on Instagram, scout jobs on LinkedIn, send snaps on Snapchat – you name it, there’s a social media application for it. It’s reached a stage where people don’t question it anymore; in the space of just a decade, people have accepted the omnipresence of social media everywhere without giving it a second thought. And that, of course, makes it the perfect tool for cybercriminals who are waiting for the next possible chance to cause havoc. Individuals tend to drop their defenses on social media – whereas they might be more wary of clicking a strange link on an email received at work, they might think of nothing of clicking on it on a social media platform, especially if it has been posted by a friend. And that can have very bad consequences. READ MORE