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Cybersecurity threats are becoming more common, more dangerous and more difficult to detect and mitigate. According to the Ponemon Institute 2018 Cost of Data Breaches study, organizations take 266 days on average to detect a breach, and over a month to contain it. Companies of all sizes need a formal organizational structure that can take responsibility for security threats and create an efficient process for detection, mitigation and prevention. This is where a Security Operations Center (SOC) comes in. What is a Security Operations Center? A security operations center (SOC) is traditionally a physical facility with an organization, which houses an information security team. The team analyzes and monitors the security systems of an organization. The aim of the SOC is to protect the company from security breaches by identifying, analyzing and reacting to cybersecurity threats. SOC teams are made up of management, security analysts, and sometimes security engineers. The SOC works with development and IT operations teams within the company. READ MORE