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Understanding the Landscape. Day by day, it is becoming more challenging to keep endpoints secure. In the SANS “Endpoint Protection and Response” survey from 2018, 42% of respondents indicated at least one of their endpoints had been compromised, and another 20% didn’t know if any endpoints had been compromised at all. Of those that had experienced compromise, 20% found out about the issue from proactive hunting, and more than 15% only discovered endpoint compromise via third-party notification. It’s clear that there is a disconnect between the reality of attacks and many of the tools available to stop them. Traditional antivirus (AV) is only able to detect malware—which doesn’t even account for half of the attacks seen today. Because of this inability to properly protect systems, many organizations have begun adding more tools into their security stack, leading to overwhelming complexity and not necessarily producing greater security. A variety of disparate systems, with many agents, often owned by different teams are near impossible to manage. READ MORE