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Data breaches seem to be a regular feature in the news nowadays, especially since GDPR regulation kicked in last year. This higher frequency of articles announcing newly-hacked-victim-organizations gives an idea of the growing scale of the security problem - a trend that we have been talking and warning about for years. Organizations particularly at risk of compromise are online businesses - eCommerce websites. In fact eCommerce websites are currently the most targeted type of organization within the Payment Card Industry - simply because the crime is so much easier to execute. The reward for criminals is not as high as targeting a bank, but the crime is a lot easier to pull and scale too. The Foregenix Digital Forensics and Incident Response team is one of the most active PCI Forensic Investigation teams globally. According to banking partner sources in the UK and across Europe, we help more hacked eCommerce organizations with our forensic and incident response capabilities than all of our European competitors combined. The reason for telling you this is to make the point that we get to see emerging trends a lot earlier in the trend cycle due to the volume of hacked eCommerce websites that we are helping. READ MORE