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Mirai is a self-propagating botnet virus that infects internet-connected devices by turning them into a network of remotely controlled bots or zombies. This network of bots, known as a botnet, is mostly used to launch DDoS attacks. The Mirai botnet code infects internet devices that are poorly protected. The attack is carried by using telnet to find those that are still using their factory default password and username. Mirai is known for its potential to infect tens of thousands of insecure devices and combine them to execute a DDOoS attack against a chosen victim. Mirai’s source code was made publicly available by the author after a successful attack on the Krebbs Website. Since this success, the source code has been developed and used by many others to launch attacks on internet infrastructure. Mirai DDoS Attack against KrebsOnSecurity. In September 2016, KrebsOnSecurity was majorly hit by a record-breaking DDoS attack from a large number of Mirai-infected devices, shutting down their website for several days. READ MORE