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Tread carefully when it comes to Android security products – and never take an app provider’s claims at face value. In light of recent research showing that the majority of antivirus apps are pretty much useless, these messages are more relevant than ever. Here’s why many antivirus (AV) apps can end up doing you and your phone more harm than good. Austrian Antivirus testers, AV-Comparatives took a sample of 250 antivirus security apps by an assortment of developers found on the Google Play Store. Through the company’s automated Android testing framework, the 250 security products were tested against the 2,000 most common Android threats of 2018 (testing took place in January 2019). As these were established threats, you would expect them to have been indexed, identified and blocked by any antivirus software worthy of the label. The researchers defined the threshold between a legitimate antivirus app and one that was ineffective or unsafe as the ability to detect more than 30% of threats with zero false positives. READ MORE