. https://blog.f-secure.com/cyber-attack-powerlessness-in-the-energy-industry/
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Imagine one of your employees clicked on an email link that let attackers into your network. Imagine that you couldn’t produce energy, have lost control of your systems, and were sitting at the mercy of a ransom-seeking hacker or foreign nation-state intent on exercising political leverage. What to do.  “Espionage and sabotage attacks against Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organizations have increased over the years, and I don’t think we have seen it all yet,” says Sami Ruohonen, Labs Threat Researcher at Finnish cyber security company F-Secure. Various different adversaries are always trying to get into critical infrastructure company networks. Each attacker has their own motivations, each has their own techniques and tradecraft. Infrastructure companies are mainly at risk from criminal profiteers or nation-states with geopolitical motives. Cyber criminals have got hold of sophisticated tools after the Shadow Brokers and Vault7 data breaches. They’ve also changed their way of operating.  Money laundering techniques have changed considerably too, fueling ever-increasing ransomware demands. READ MORE