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Botnet is a network of malicious computers infected with bot malware and remotely controlled by the cyber attackers. Botnets are used by hackers for different attack purposes such as to send spam/phishing emails, launch Distributed Denial of Service Attacks or in some scenarios, botnet authors rent them out to other hackers to use or launch an attack. Hackers expand botnets by passing on the malware infection to clean internet-connected devices. The bot-masters control botnets by a command and control server. Once one device on a network is compromised, the other devices connected to the same network become vulnerable and will be easily infected. Some of the notable botnet attacks which had taken the cyberworld by storm are Zeus, Gameover Zues, Srizbi, Methbot and Mirai. There are different symptoms to detect if the system or the complete network is attacked by botnet. If the machine or the network is compromised by a botnet, The hacker connects the infected system with a command & control server to instruct and control the infected system. READ MORE