. https://informationsecurity.report/Resources/Whitepapers/9be82437-81c6-48f6-ae75-a527498d0f89_Information Security Risk Assessment.pdf
TraceSecurity advances the risk assessment process to its most comprehensive and effective form, with a methodology that exceeds best practices and regulatory standards for compliance. Leveraging the company’s cloud-based software, TraceCSO, information security experts closely scrutinize your organization’s controls, vulnerabilities, threat vectors, asset information, and loss expectancies. Each individual risk is analyzed and compared against other identified risks, enabling your organization to prioritize remediation efforts and preempt losses with the most exposure. A TraceSecurity risk assessment also includes access to TraceCSO’s risk management capabilities that enable your organization to extend the provided point-in-time risk assessment into an on-going risk management process. With the ability to update control implementation status, add assets and threats, you can continually monitor your risk posture and leverage all the information that was collected during the initial risk assessment. DOWNLOAD