Constrained or Unleashed:Is your Identity Mgt Ready for Consumer-scale Business?

"Consumer-Scale Identity Management Deployments require different approaches than the typical employee use case. However, there are profound benefits - from overall risk reduction to enhanced engagement and loyalty with customers. This webcast will highlight the key challenges in moving identity management from the IT user to a much larger business user population and highlight best practices for success."
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We view cyber security through a series of interconnected lenses. This rounded approach is designed to provide organisations with greater confidence in their people, technology and connections; and in how they manage risks; set priorities; and respond to an incident or during a crisis.


Threat Intelligence is Hot, but is it Fueling Prevention?

Join Patrick Peterson, Founder & CEO of Agari - a 2014 Gartner "Cool Vendor", as he peels back how criminals are penetrating current security controls and describes intelligence that can detect attacks in real-time and provide the ammunition you need to take action. Whether it’s looking for unusual changes in average URL lengths in hyperlinks or statistically anomalous use of certain names in email FROM fields, specific types of intelligence provides high fidelity signal indicating that malicious activity is at work inside your organization, or attempting to penetrate it. Register to learn more about real-time intelligence that drives attack prevention

Keys to improving network security: Manage adventure in your business venture!


Signalhorn’s Chief IT Security Officer (CISO) Istvan Rabai presents an overview of present-day IT security.The focus of this webinar will be on identifying specific vulnerabilities and measures to improve the security of a communication network.Istvan will show - from his own first-hand experience, how an actual incident became the catalyst for the implementation of a state-of-the-art secure infrastructure that currently serves an impressive number of Government, NGO and security sensitive Corporate customers.

Beyond the Firewall: Data Center Security Architecture


Topics such as perimeter firewalls, core network segmentation, BYOD/BYOA, virtualization and SDN impact data center security. Attack vectors that target applications, servers and users open new sets of challenges that go well beyond the firewall itself. But what can you do to help architect a secure data center? Join Ronen Shpirer as he explores data center security threats and challenges and provides information on the options available to you that can be added to your data center network security infrastructure to address them and help you go beyond the firewall.

Introduction to Kubernetes Security


Kubernetes is fundamentally a complex system with lots of different potential attack vectors aimed at data theft, currency mining and other threats. Liz Rice, a renowned technology evangelist, will take us through an overview of the current state of security-related features in Kubernetes, and offer directional starting points on how to secure Kubernetes components and the applications that run on top of these Kubernetes components. Brice Fernandes, software engineer and entrepreneur at Weaveworks, will then demonstrate how you can build a secure and reliable Kubernetes deployment pipeline with GitOps best practices, separating the responsibility between packaging software and releasing it to a production environment.