Q3 Malware Review: Evolution of Locky and Quiet Malware

During the third quarter of 2016, the PhishMe Intelligence team generated 689 active threat reports that highlighted indicators of compromise, tactics, and techniques that serve as the hallmarks of phishing attacks. Two key stories stood out this quarter. Locky continued to steal headlines as the dominant ransomware by continuing to innovate and avoid detection by experts. Meanwhile, other, quieter malware remained an ever-present threat to companies of all sizes. Join Brendan Griffin, Threat Intelligence Manager, PhishMe to learn about.
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Understanding website security and the complex issues that organizations must address in order to safely conduct business online is a must.  While no true “security best practices” exist, the key is to identify the security metrics that mean the most to your organization and focus o


How Bad Can Zero Days Get?

"Are you giving the adversary unintended access through vulnerabilities in your system? By only having one method of finding vulnerabilities or one way of mitigating them, the chances of the adversary getting through are increasingly high. This webinar will walk you through the current threat landscape, how vulnerabilities can be found, and how to mitigate control. In this webinar you'll learn: - What types of assessments work at which points in the software development lifecycle. - What is the most popular way to deploy a WAF and why that's not a good idea as a single method of defense. - Why finding and fixing your vulnerability isn't actually good enough"

How to Overcome the Cyber Security Trichotomy


"The days of simple firewalls for network security are but a memory fading quickly. With today's advanced threats, the defences need to be just as advanced to avoid breaches. The world of cyber security had to evolve rapidly, resulting in an extremely complex and expensive set of tools needed to thwart cyber attacks. Listen to CEO and Founder of My Digital Shield Andrew Bagrin as he discusses how the advancement of cyber security created a trichotomy for the SMB market. Find out how the trichotomy has affected you and your customers and most of all, how to overcome it."


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The Dark Web. It’s the home of underground marketplaces for illicit trade as cyber attack vectors. And most organizations don’t account for the Dark Web when it comes to their cybersecurity strategy and tactics. But you should Dark Web threats reflect a greater risk level to your organization and often exploit a blind spot in traditional cybersecurity approaches. The different types of threat vectors coming from the Dark Web How to gain visibility of your organization’s Dark Web risks How to use Dark Web intelligence to reduce your cyber risk

Approaching Cyber Security Vendor Selection in OT Environments

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Operational Technology (OT) and ICS environments present unique challenges for the selection of security solutions. Join ARC Advisory Group Vice President of Research, Larry O’Brien as he shares his recommendations for cyber security vendor selection in the ICS and OT worlds.