DDoS Readiness, Response, and Impact in the Financial Services Industry

Availability is one of the core principles in the security CIA triad and one which business leaders tend to grasp more so than other technical risks associated with security. Customers want and expect access to their finances anytime and from anywhere. How is the financial industry grappling with distributed denial of service (DDoS)? What is the financial impact to an institution under DDoS attack? Are financial services firms witnessing an increase in DDoS attacks and duration? If so, what countermeasures are in place to ensure availability does not suffer?
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"Striking a balance between identity risk management and an excellent consumer experience is an ongoing challenge. Leading organizations are turning to sophisticated data resources to effectively combat fraud, assess compliance, and verify identities.
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Cyber Security 101 – adding value to your business

CNS Group

We're at a critical point in cyber defence - our webinar will cut through the hype and scare mongering about Cyber Security - arming you with a practical guide to cyber security best practices and sharing practical tips and advice around:- Who is attacking you and how to recognise different types of attack? Evaluating different approaches to create a strong cyber security posture – the relative costs and value 5 simple actions every company can take today to mitigate risk How to ensure your business partners and other 3rd parties don’t become a cyber risk As a government accredited company, we help UK organisations of all sizes build cyber security capabilities and maintain compliance through practical consulting and managed services.

Security Webinar Series Network Security with Tenable

Security is no longer just an IT function – it’s imperative to your business. Continuous network monitoring represents a compelling and effective approach to addressing security challenges by continuously measuring, analyzing and visualizing the health of your enterprise.

The Hidden Gotcha’s of PCI DSS Compliance – How to Avoid another TARGET Incident

Organizations acting as Merchants or Service Providers have been conducting and performing annual PCI DSS compliance for many years now. What are the hidden challenges of PCI DSS compliance? Why and how did TARGET get breached? How can you avoid another TARGET incident? This webinar focuses on the hidden gotcha’s and things to examine and incorporate into your PCI DSS annual compliance initiative to help mitigate risks and exposures ongoing

Dealing with DDoS Application Threats in Mobile Networks


The publicity given to devastating cyber-attacks on companies like Sony Pictures leads some mobile operators to believe that the uniqueness of the mobile network, service and device environment means they are nowhere near as vulnerable to DDoS and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Leveraging Heavy Reading survey data, and pointing to real examples which have not attracted the same level of publicity, this webinar will demonstrate just how vulnerable the network stability and confidential information of mobile operators becomes to DDoS attacks.