"Getting Started on a Third Party Cyber Risk Management Program"

"Managing cyber risk isn’t just about protecting your own house. As we’ve learned from Target and other major breaches, organizations must also be diligent in overseeing risks to vendors, business associates, and other third parties that have access to sensitive data or provide important services. For credit unions, regulatory pressure and cost concerns can make this a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are several cost-effective, proactive measures organizations immediately take to mitigate third party cyber risk. Join Jacob Olcott, VP of Business Development at BitSight Technologies as he discusses ways to get started on a vendor risk management program.
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It seems like every day we see in the news that another breach has occurred. In fact, the New York Times recently reported on a security breach that involved over a billion online account passwords. Why does this keep happening? One reason is that many websites continue to use simple passwords for a


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Cyber-security is an increasing challenge for the shipping industry and Nautilus is stepping in to help members by co-hosting a special training webinar for seafarers in September. With high profile ransomware attacks on shipping companies such as Maersk and COSCO, operators are under pressure to improve their cyber-security and to develop improved measures to protect their systems from attack. However, there is evidence that many companies are not doing enough to educate seafarers about the risks of cyber-attacks or how to avoid them. Research by Nautilus showed that 86% of crew had never received any cyber security training from their employers. The Union is teaming up with security experts Appsecco and their specialist maritime division ShipSecure, to hold a webinar to raise awareness of cyber security issues onboard.

MSP Cybersecurity Tips: How to protect your customers while driving new business


"As an IT service provider, you manage small business' IT environments, as well as their data security. It's easy for a small business owner to think, “A cyber attack will never happen to me. When small businesses ignore security concerns, it can create even greater security concerns for their business. These vulnerabilities can result in data loss For managed service providers, it’s up to you to educate your customers on the importance of security measures and best practices for protecting their business from cyber threats. For managed service providers, it comes down to communicating with your customers and educating them about what to do and what not to do. Listen into their interactive panel discussion to learn: How to talk to your customers about cyber security Best practices for mitigating security threats How to avoid common cybersecurity mistakes How to stress the value in having an MSP advisor"

Why Security Is a Team Sport

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Recently, U.S. Cert warned that global threat actors are actively targeting managed service providers. Clearly, MSPs are on the front line. We’re being asked to take on a more active security role than ever before. However, many MSPs lack the internal resources and skillsets to embrace a full-on managed security services practice. Fortunately, one of the great things about cybersecurity is the community. We have a strong team that builds on itself through shared resources and experiences. And now, as the threat landscape continues to evolve and add complexity, embracing the community aspect of security is critical for MSPs.

When Timing is Critical: Securing compromised endpoints in minutes with FireEye

"Today’s cyber threats are targeted, difficult to detect, and require significant manual intervention and expertise to contain. They traverse different domains of IT management -- making it a cross-functional challenge to trace and find the threat’s electronic foothold. Silos of security information require manual correlation to bridge the gap between security event alerts and endpoints infected with zero-day malware. Moreover, the increasing volume of security events that need to be triaged makes it impractical to respond and remediate threats manually. Join this session to understand how to reduce threat response time from 7 days to 7 seconds. Leveraging integration with FireEye, Bradford Networks correlates high fidelity security alerts to identify and contain threats on compromised end-points in real-time. Key Topics Covered: - Get 100% real-time visibility into every network connection -- including users, devices, applications accessing your wired, wireless, and VPN network - Automatically correlate high fidelity network security alerts from FireEye to contextual information such as users, devices and applications - Automatically block, restrict, or remediate non-compliant or infected devices trying to gain access to the network - Dynamically control every user and device’s level of network access based on its security posture and business-criticality"