Redifining Cyber Security in the Age of Insecurity

We all live in an age where the pace of digitization and mobilization is fast accelerating. As governments and enterprises find new ways to serve their citizens and customers, they are transforming their business models for greater efficiency and customer experience. This not only creates new and exciting business opportunities, but also spawns new threat landscapes in the cyber security space.
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With all of this data, there is also risk, specifically those entities within the organization that may have access to confidential data either due to their job function or because they are gaining it through surreptitious means. When used with an Operational Intelligence platform such as Splunk, th


"Rebuilding Customer Trust in Breach Response"

"It’s happened. The nightmare that has haunted your sleep is now reality: your company has been breached. There will be plenty of time to look back. Now is the time for action. Your response in the trying days ahead will make all of the difference in restoring customer trust and minimizing backlash—both external and internal. Timely communication is the lynchpin. This webinar provides practical, actionable best practices to securely integrate email into your breach response communication plan, keeping the phishers and criminals at bay while ensuring that timely information reaches your customers. So you can be the hero, not the scapegoat."

"Zero Day, Zero Effect: Examining the Clandestine Wolf Zero-Day"


"Triage and remediation of attacks utilizing zero-day vulnerabilities requires technology, intelligence, and expertise that is often beyond the capabilities of most security teams today. With Clandestine Wolf, the name our security team gave to a recent zero-day campaign exploiting an Adobe Flash vulnerability, our analysts were able to validate the alert and begin response within minutes after first observing the attack. In this webinar Ben Withnell, a FireEye as a Service (FAAS) incident analyst, will discuss how the Clandestine Wolf campaign was discovered, triaged, and remediated across the FireEye as a Service customer base. Throughout the webinar he will also share his insights into how our analysts handle APT threats, the attacker lifecycle, and remediation tactics."

Ransomware in the Age of Wannacry: What Fintech Needs to Know


This past week we saw the emergence of a worm-based ransomware attack in wannacry that showed us how damaging these attacks can be to critical services society relies on. This presentation will cover the recent wannacry attacks and what we have learned from them. In addition, we'll discuss the evolution of ransomware in recent years, focusing on attacks targeted against enterprises and so-called "high-interaction" ransomware attacks. Attendees will also be given a path forward of protecting their institution. A discussion of the renewal of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as a result and what this means for fintech going forward.

Developing a Driven Security Strategy

An Intelligence Driven Security strategy helps organizations mitigate the risk of operating in a digital world. Organizations can employ this strategy to deliver the visibility, analysis, and action they need to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats, confirm and manage identities, and prevent online fraud and cybercrime